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5 New Years Sex Tips

January 5, 2020

Numerous New Year's resolutions have one point in common. Whether it's consuming a nutritionally balanced diet, exercising regularly, beginning a...

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5 New Years Sex Tips

January 5, 2020

Numerous New Year's resolutions have one point in common. Whether it's consuming a nutritionally balanced diet, exercising regularly, beginning a meditation technique, or participating in "Dry January," a number of the most popular fresh-start pledges are focused on boosting your wellness. Yet one facet of wellness is commonly forgotten: your...

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5 New Years Sex Tips

January 5, 2020

Numerous New Year's resolutions have one point in common. Whether...


All You Want To Know About Creating Great Content

December 23, 2019

I was asking myself a question recently. What makes a...

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5 New Years Sex Tips


Numerous New Year’s resolutions have one point in common. Whether it’s consuming a nutritionally balanced diet, exercising regularly, beginning a meditation technique, or participating in “Dry January,” a number of the most popular fresh-start pledges are focused on boosting your wellness. Yet one facet of wellness is commonly forgotten: your sex life. Yet sex is an essential part of well-being. It has numerous wellness advantages, from relieving stress to reducing duration pains to also, possibly, increasing your body immune system. Plus, it really feels impressive. If your resolution is to have even more of it in 2020, you’re not the only one. And Athens Escorts can help.

It ought to go without claiming that all sex needs to be consensual– if your companion’s not in the mood, don’t push them. And also if you do not have a normal sex companion, do not misery. Self pleasure has a lot of the exact same advantages of sex– a lot to ensure that sexuality experts often utilize the term “solo sex.” Whether you have actually got one companion, a number of companions, or just your hands (or your favoured vibrator), below is exactly how to have more sex in 2020.

Set up Sex

One way to make certain you have extra sex? Place it on your calendar. If you have actually obtained a partner or partners that get on board with the suggestion, reserved a hr or more every week– or every various other week, or once a month– for messing around. It may seem uninteresting as well as trite, however it’s a proven way to maintain sex on your minds as well as in your lives. Plus, it will provide you something to eagerly anticipate. Do not have a regular companion? Allot time for self pleasure– you can even make it component of your self-care regimen.

Discover Responsive Desire

If the main factor you’re not having sex is you simply don’t feel in the state of mind, try exploring responsive need. In her book, sex teacher Emily Nagoski differentiates between “spontaneous need” (desiring sex unexpectedly) and also “responsive wish” (wanting sex in feedback to something, such as making out with your partner or reading erotica). According to Nagoski’s study, 55% of the populace is a lot more prone to “receptive need” than “spontaneous need.” If the concept of sex seems just meh, attempt kissing, cuddling, or watching a hot flick as well as see exactly how you really feel.

Usage Lube

If you do not on a regular basis utilize lube, buy a container. Lube has lots of benefits: It can decrease discomfort and irritation throughout any kind of type of sex (both penetrative and also non-penetrative) and also assist lessen the danger of condom breakage. It likewise really feels great; we advocate utilizing it for partnered sex or self pleasure. In addition to making sex much more pleasurable, if you’re having a sex marathon, lube will help decrease chafing– indicating you’ll all set for round two quicker.

Establish A Goal, Or Make A Checklist

Do you normally stick to the same sex positions and also want to attempt something new? Are you curious about checking out a fantasy? Take some time to review exactly how you want your sex life to transform in 2020. Try making a “yes/no/maybe” checklist (either solo or with a companion), or selecting an objective you can work towards– such as having rectal sex, entering into bondage, or coming to be an expert sexter.

Redefine “Sex”.

Bear in mind, sex isn’t simply penetrative. Foreplay? Sex. (It remains in the name!) Fingering? Sex. Handjobs? Sex. Self pleasure? Solo sex. Broad your view of what “matters” as sex, and also you could begin having a whole lot more of it.

See more about sex :

All You Want To Know About Creating Great Content


I was asking myself a question recently. What makes a content great? Though making great content has become something ingrained in my mind, I need to break it down further, give it benchmarks and meaning while trying to teach other people something.

I think the biggest problem people have with issues like SEO and content marketing is trying to do the least amount of work for the highest return. If, in reality, online and offline performance has to invoke the direct opposite. For the least initial return, you have to do the most research.

If you’re sitting here trying to find a shortcut for ranking content right now, then this isn’t your place. Today, there are no shortcuts. There are no hacks or strategies that are less difficult. In reality, you have to do the job and put it in time.

If you’re able to do that, though, then there are certainly a few tips to make great content. It’s not just about the top search engine ranking. It’s about having huge amounts of money. If you do that, your great content will obviously be very high because it’s going to be entertaining and so useful that search engines like Google will definitely find it.

Keep in mind that producing great content is a mixture of addressing technological considerations and the approach is also enthusiastic and innovative. With search engines, you can’t just write. While keeping search engines in mind, you have to write for humans. It takes time, and effort is needed. But after a while, as thousands upon thousands of people discover your content every day, those efforts will pay off.

Just don’t expect that to occur overnight. The biggest online stories and posts didn’t shoot to the top overnight. In the course of time they were slowly exchanged and engaged. In fact, most of the articles on Google before at least 100 to 200 days don’t hit number one.

How am I comfortable with this? In Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), I have hundreds of number one results. I’m talking about “make money online” (Forbes article), “right practices” (Entrepreneur article) and “self discipline” (Wanderlust Worker article). But also phrases like “principles of performance,” which also brings you and so many others back to this place.

It took between 100 to 200 days for each of the papers to reach the number one spot, and this will vary according to the competition. For example, I did a Forbes piece that ranked number one before the 100-day mark for “artificial intelligence examples.” But it takes time to rank the most popular search terms with the largest search volume, so don’t get discouraged.

This is one of Google’s methods of obfuscation. It leaves you guessing so it can maintain its search’s organic nature and ensure the importance is not exploited. Because this is the game’s name. Relevance is essential to the life of Google. Once the SERPs lose their relevance (something that started to happen before all the algorithm adjustments) then Google itself loses its marketplace importance.

Until I delve into the factors that make it great content, let’s analyze some of the trust’s underlying principles. When we’re talking about content that has the ability to rank on search engines, we’re talking about content that has an implied amount of trust and its root domain.

Trust is a huge part of the relevant factor and you need to be identified relevantly in order to rank. You need to be trustworthy to be important. How much do you or your users trust Google?

What it boils down to is how much trust you have built up over time. Sure, you might make great content that hits all 15 of the factors listed below, but you’ll find it pretty hard to rank without that underlying belief. So, make sure you don’t do anything to confuse or cause Google to lose confidence in you.

Trust is, in essence, focused on three components: Indexed Age: the age that Google first discovered and indexed your site, and also the freshness or everlasting quality of the content itself.

Authority: The consistency, quantity and variety of organic links that come over time to a web.

Content: the content’s inherent consistency, its quantity and frequency over time.

Trust is an integral part of the online success cycle, regardless of the medium you use. Do not try to take shortcuts and do your best to deliver value, and over time, whatever knowledge you seek to communicate, you will succeed.

The content is unique

To create great content, the first rule is that it is original. Never, ever, in any way, twist or duplicate content. That really goes against all the values of trust that are in place and plagiarizes effectively. You’re never going to rank a piece of content from another source plagiarized.

Make sure the content is original, not only when it comes to writing, but also when it comes to its observations. You don’t want to spin another post, even if you write it on your own without copying it directly, and you also get the same insights. You need it in its terms to be truly informative and original.

Has an attractive, keyword-rich title

If you’re serious about creating great content, then make sure the title is enticing and rich in keywords. It must be attractive, whether it is a post, a video, or some other type of content. To search engines like Google, what attracts someone to click on a listing over another listing is extremely important.

Even if your content is lower than the content in higher ranks, if your content gets clicked on more, it will eventually move up and over that other content. Here we are not talking about click-bait; we are talking about enticing titles that draw the searcher to further investigate.

Is relevant to your audience

Make sure you have a relevant article for your audience. Do not attempt to create content that is not appealing to your readership. You’re going to lose your interest. The whole article or piece of content has to appeal to your current audience in some way, shape or form. If you don’t have an established audience, you should be sure to focus your content on a specific topic, pleasant or industry.

This is critical as it is at the center of importance when trying to drive traffic. The more you have similar content and keep churning out over time, the more it will be applicable to a particular audience. In turn, to ingest content in that environment, they will keep returning to your platform.


Great content is usually very engaging. From the point of view of analytics, this means that the content is read and consumed and digested as visitors spend a lot of time on your website. The average amount of time spent on a website says a lot about a specific piece of content. If you’re serious about creating great content and rating, it’s got to go all out.

When visitors are engaged, not only do they take time to read your content, they also navigate to other parts of your web. Ultimately, you looked at their desire and gave them something they were looking for. For a cause, you were important. It’s a highly engaging, self-fulfilling prophecy of great content that eventually ranks higher.

Fertility startup Mojo wants to take the trial and error out of IVF – TechCrunch

Fertility tech startup Mojo is coming out of stealth to announce a €1.7 million (~$1.8M) seed round of funding led by Nordic seed fund Inventure. Also participating are Doberman and Privilege Ventures (an investor in Ava), plus a number of angel investors including Josefin Landgard (founder and ex-CEO of Kry) and Hampus Jakobsson (partner at BlueYard, BA in Clue &

Mojo’s mission, says co-founder and CEO Mohamed Taha, is to make access to fertility treatment more affordable and accessible by using AI and robotics technology to assist in sperm and egg quality analysis, selection and fertilization to reduce costs for clinics. Only by reducing clinics’ costs will the price fall for couples, he suggests.

“What the AI does in our technology stack from now until our roadmap is completed, product wise, is to look at sperm, look at eggs, look at data and ensure that the woman or the couple get precise treatment or the precise embryo that yields healthy baby,” he tells TechCrunch. “The role of robotics is to ensure that the manipulations/procedures are done precisely and at reduced time compared to nowadays, and also accurately.”

The idea for the business came to Taha after he was misdiagnosed with a kidney condition while still a student. His doctor suggested freezing his sperm as a precaution against deterioration in case he wanted to father a child in the future, so he started having regular sperm tests. “I was super annoyed with one particular fact,” he says of this. “Every time I do a sperm test I get a different result.”

After speaking to doctors the consensus view of male fertility he heard was “I shouldn’t care about my fertility — worst case scenario all that they need from me is one sperm”. He was told it would be his future partner who would be put on IVF to “take the treatment for me”. Doctors also told him there was little research into male fertility, and therefore into sperm quality — such as which sperm might yield a healthy baby or could result in a miscarriage. And after learning about what IVF entailed, Taha says it struck him as a “tough” deal for the woman.

“It’s completely blackbox,” he says of male fertility. “I also learned that in terms of IVF or ART [assisted reproductive technologies] everything, pretty much, is done manually. And everything, pretty much, also is done at random — you select a random sperm, they fertilize it with a random egg. Hopefully the technician who’s doing it manually knows his or her job. And in the end there’s going to be an embryo that will be implanted.”

He says he was also struck by the fact the ‘trial and error’ process only works 25% of the time in high end laboratories, yet can prospective parents between €40,000-€100,000 for each round of treatment. “This is where the idea of the company came from,” he adds. Mojo’s expectation for their technology is that it will be able to increase IVF success rates to 75% by 2030.

The team started work in 2016 as a weekend project during their PhDs. Taha initially trained as an electrical engineer before going on to do a PhD in nanotechnology, investigating new and affordable materials for use as biosensors. It was the microscopes and robotic arms that he and his co-founders, Fanny Chesa, Tobias Boecker, Daniel Thomas, were using in the labs to examine nanoparticles and select specific particles for insertion into other media that led them to think why not adapt this type of technology for use in fertility clinics — as an alternative to purely manual selection and fertilization.

“We just completely automate everything to ensure that the procedure is done faster, better and at the same time more reliably,” Taha says of the concept for Mojo. “No randomness. Understand the good from the bad.”

That — at least — is the theory. To be clear, they don’t yet have their proposition robustly proved out nor productized at this stage. Their intended first product, called Mojo Pro, is still pending certification as a medical device in the EU, for example. But the plan, should everything go to plan, is to get it to market next summer, starting in the UK.

This product, a combination of microscopy hardware and AI software, will be sold to fertility clinics (under a subscription model) to offer an analysis service consisting of a sperm count and quality check — as a first service for couples to determine whether or not the man has a fertility problem.

Initially, Mojo’s computer vision analysis system is focused on sperm counts, automating what Taha says is currently a manual process, as well as assessing some basic quality signals — such as the speed and morphology of the sperm. For example, a sperm with two heads or two tails would be an easy initial judgement call to weed out as “bad”, he suggests.

“The first product is to look at the sperm and say if this man experiences infertility or not. So we have a smart microscopy — built custom in-house. And this is where the element of the robotics comes in,” he explains. “At the same time we put on it an AI that looks at a moving sperm sample. Then, through looking at this, the system on Mojo Pro will tell us what is the sperm count, what is the sperm mobility (how fast they move) and what is the predominant shape of the sperm.

“The second part is the selection of the sperm [i.e. if the sample is needed for IVF]. Now we ensure that good sperm is being selected. This microscopy will look at the same and visually will guide the embryologist to pick the good sperm — that’s highlighted around, for example, by a green box. Good sperm have green boxes around them, bad sperm have red boxes around them so they can pick up through their current techniques the sperm that are highlighted green.”

Based on internal testing of Mojo Pro the system has achieved 97% of the accuracy of a manual sperm count so far, per Taha, who says further optimization is planned.

Though he admits there’s no standardization of sperm counts in the fertility industry — which means such comparative metrics offer limited utility, given the lack of robust benchmarks.

“The way we are going with this is we’re really choosing the best of the best practitioners and we are just comparing our work against them for now,” is the claim. (Mojo’s lab partner for developing the product is TDL.)

“We will try to introduce new standards for ourselves,” he adds.

The current research focus is: “What are the visuals to make sure the sperm is good or bad; how to actually measure the sperm sample, the sperm count; in terms of morphology… how we can incorporate a protocol that can be the gold standard of computer vision or AI looking at sperm?”

The wider goal for the business is to understand much more about the role that individual sperm and eggs play in yielding a healthy (or otherwise) embryo and baby.

Taha says the team’s ultimate goal is “automating the fertilization process”, again with the help of applied AI and robotics (and likely also incorporating genetic testing to screen for diseases).

He points out that in many markets couples are choosing to conceive later in life. The big vision, therefore, is to develop new assisted reproductive technologies that can support older couples to conceive healthy babies.

“Generally speaking we leave our fertility to chance — which is sex… So there’s a little bit of randomness in the process. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad — it’s how the body functions. But when you hit later ages, 30 or 40, we face biological deficiencies which means the quality of the eggs are not good any more, the quality of the sperm might not be good any more, if fertilization happens with old gametes… you are not sure there is a healthy baby. So we need technology to play a role here.

“Imagine a couple at the age of 40 who want to conceive a baby ten, twelve years from now. What happens if this couple have the possibility of the sperm of the man to be shipped somewhere, the egg of the woman to be shipped somewhere and they get fertilized using high end technology, and they get informed once the embryo is ready to be implanted. This is where we believe the consumer game will be in the future,” he says.

“We envisage ourselves going from just working with clinics in the coming ten years… making our AI and our robotics really flawless at manipulation, and then we are envisaging of having as consumer-facing way where we ensure people have healthy babies. Not necessarily this will be a clinic but it will be somehow where fertilization will happen in our facilities.”

“I’m not speaking about super humans or designer babies,” he adds. “I’m speaking about ensuring at a later stage of the conception journey to have a healthy baby. And this is where we see ART can actually be the way to procreate at later stages in order to ensure that the baby is healthy then there should be new technologies that just give you a healthy baby — and not mess up with your body.”

Of course this is pure concept right now. And Taja concedes that Mojo doesn’t even have data to determine “good” sperm from “bad” — beyond some basic signifiers.

But once samples start flowing via customers of the first product they expect to be able to start gathering data (with permission) to support further research into the role played by individual sperm and eggs in reproduction — looking at the whole journey from sperm and egg selection through to embryo and baby.

Though getting permission for all elements of the research they hope to do may be one potential barrier.

“Once the first module is in the market we will be collecting data,” he says. “And this data that we’ll be collecting will go and be associated with the live births or the treatment outcome. And with that we’ll understand more and more what is a good sperm, what is a bad sperm.

“But we need to start from somewhere. And this somewhere right now what we’re relying on is the knowledge that good practitioners have in the field.”

Taha says he and his co-founders actively started building the company in January 2018, taking in some angel investment, along with government grants from France and the EU’s Horizon 2020 research pot.

They’ve been building the startup out of Lyon, France but the commercial team will shortly be moving to the UK ahead of launching Mojo Pro.

In the short term the hope is to attract clinics to adopt the Mojo Pro subscription service as a way for them to serve more customers, while potentially helping couples reduce the number of IVF cycles they have to go. Longer term the bet is that changing lifestyles will only see demand for data-fuelled technology-assisted reproduction grow.

“Now we help streamline laboratory processes in order to help the 180M people who have fertility problems have access to fertility at an affordable price and reliable manner but also we have an eye on the future — what happens when genetic testing… [plays] an important role in the procreation and people will opt for this,” he adds.

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OASE biOrb Tube Aquarium with LED Lighting Review

The underwater world is so beautiful yet mysterious. Having been to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia on several occasions, I am fascinated by the wonder of the underwater world.

If you are looking to start a new hobby, to add some colours in your life, or simply enjoy seeing fishes swimming in the sea, today’s topic may interest you.

oase biorb tube aquarium with led lighting review

Spice up your living space or office with a calming water feature and be mesmerized by the colourful aquatic world. Take away stress and clear your mind as OASE biOrb brings nature to your home.

unboxing oase biorb tube aquarium

Let us take a short trip into nature with Samuel Baker, the designer of biOrb collection. Join me, as I unbox my OASE biOrb Tube 15L Aquarium with Multi-Color Remote Controlled LED Lighting!

oase biorb tube 30 fish tank review

What’s In The Box ( OASE biOrb Tube 15L MCR Black )
The OASE Living Water biOrb Tube comes in 2 designs in 3 different sizes – 15L, 30L and 35L, and 2 colours – Black or White. Retailing at SGD 343 for the biOrb Tube 15L with dimensions of 32.8cm x 31.5cm, this exquisite 4 gallon aquarium is made from Acrylic which is 10 times stronger than glass and 23% clearer.

oase biorb tube aquarium setup
oase biorb tube aquarium whats in the box

The complete set consist of the Acrylic Aquarium, LED Light Unit, Air Pump, Transformer, Water Treatment, Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Media and Manuals. It also carries a 2-year Warranty for the acrylic aquarium, LED light and transformer.

biorb ceramic substrate for aquarium filtration system

What Are Ceramic Media Gravels?
I am not into rearing fishes, but when I found out that I could actually own an aquarium without having the need to add fishes, I was all for it. Nonetheless. if you enjoy having sea creatures in your tank, you will be delighted to know that the Ceramic Media inside the biOrb aquarium filtration system help keep the water clear and healthy for the fishes inside. And yes, these Ceramic Media come with the biOrb aquarium.

Setting Up Your biOrb Aquarium

how to fix biorb filter cartridge
biorb filter cartridge installation guide

Setting up the aquarium is pretty easy. Fitted with a foam element for mechanical filtration, you will need to first insert the filter cartridge into the air column then fasten into the housing after cleaning the tank.

oase living water cleaning biorb ceramic media
adding biorb ceramic substrate

Before putting the Ceramic Media or Ceramic Substrate into the tank, wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt. Dispose any gravels smaller than a pea size, then place the rest gently into the tank so they do not scratch the acrylic surface.

oase biorb aquarium ornaments

Be creative, let your imagination run wild next. Create your own personality by selecting your favourite pieces from a variety of biOrb accessories inspired by nature. Have fun decorating your aquarium by mixing stunning coral reefs, colourful plants, pretty lava stones and more!

pretty corals oase biorb barnacle ornament
samuel baker oase biorb barnacle ornament
biorb designer samuel baker barnacle ornament

biOrb Barnacle Sculpture Small Pink – SGD 59

Made from durable high grade resin that won’t fade, and hand crafted by aquatics decor designer Samuel Baker, the Barnacle Sculpture makes a pretty sight. When removing the biOrb Barnacle ornament, you will need to use a screwdriver in order to take out the accessory. Next, insert the ornament into the air column.

oase biorb aquatic colour balls

biOrb Aquatic Colour Balls, equipped with an internal weighted ball to prevent floating – SGD 25.50

sea creatures oase biorb starfish set

biOrb Starfish Set 3 Natural – SGD 21

art of feng shui oase biorb moss pebbles

biOrb Moss Pebbles – SGD 39

oase living water biorb accessories purple kelp

biOrb Kelp Set Pink and Purple – SGD 23.50 Each

( Each pack contains one plastic and one silk plant. A heavy round ball at the base of the plant makes it easy to sit the plant in the biOrb and hold it in place )

oase biorb fish tank decoration samuel baker
oase biorb tube aquarium aquatic colour balls
oase biorb tube aquarium green moss
smart design fish keeping biorb air column

Start decorating your biOrb tank with these ornamental aquatic plants and make it as colourful as a Mardi Gras costume.

artificial aquatic plants biorb decor sets pricing

Or if you prefer, OASE biOrb has aquarium decoration sets to make your job even easier. With so many decorations to choose from, you mind may go fuzzy. These decor kits with plants and ornaments have been put together to create eye catching and vibrant displays. Just be careful when choosing them as they are available 15L and 30L versions.

biorb water conditioner biological booster

To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a 2-part water treatment which boosts useful bacteria, kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fishes. It is necessary to prepare the aquarium water by adding the Water Conditioner into the tank to keep the water clear. You do not need the Biological Booster if you are not adding fishes.

biorb mcr lighting kaleidoscope of colours
biorb multi colour light remote control

Illuminate your space with up to 16 colours to create incredible lighting moods with just a touch of a remote control. There is also 4-time cycles which can be selected to simulate light conditions, and an automatic setting which simulates a natural light cycle for your fish. Bring kaleidoscope of colours to your home. Feel the stress drifting away as your home aquarium offers you a meditative feeling of tranquility.

oase biorb tube aquarium installation guide

Owning an aquarium has never been easier as OASE biOrb aquariums come with everything you need to get started. Backed by German engineering with 6 different designs, each tank offers a seamless silhouette that frames your underwater world. If you like a true 360° viewing experience without the visual interference of joins or corners found in traditional aquariums, pick the biOrb Tube, Classic or Halo.

how biorb aquarium filtration cycle works

Whether you choose to have the biOrb Aquarium with its 5-step filtration system ( Biological, Mechanical, Chemical, Water Stabilization and Oxygenation ), or their Terrarium with intelligent ecosystem, these tanks will add character to any room. Enjoy the therapeutic effects of your new hobby as it is so easy to set up. BiOrb smarter design also makes fish keeping easy if you are an aquarist as you will only need to change the biOrb filter along with water ( just change a third of the water ) every four to six weeks depending on the number of fishes you have in the tank and of course, much longer if you have no fishes.

biorb home aquarium underwater world water feature

I love the OASE biOrb Tube standing tall in my living room now, offering an unobstructed 360° all round view of my colourful aquatic world. Thanks to its unique cylinder shape, the aquatic plants are magnified and the aquarium appears bigger visually as compared to conventional fish tank! I am having fun playing with the colours by scrolling through the entire spectrum of light.

For biOrb Aquarium Setup, check out the tutorial above!

biOrb Concept and Story by Samuel Baker

You will be please to know that Home Aquarium Design and Arowana Avenue are currently having a promotion in conjunction with the Hari Raya Festivities! * Promotion ends 30th June 2019.

Flash this Promo Code: “morethanjustatank” to get 10% discount off your biOrb purchases at the shops, or shop online at East Ocean Aquatic now by keying in the promo code!

Home Aquarium Design:
Blk 22 Havelock Road
Singapore 160022

Arowana Avenue:
Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2
#01-88 / 196
Singapore 120328

* This is a sponsored post by OASE biOrb. The author only recommends products or services she uses personally which she believes to be beneficial for her readers. Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely by the author.

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4 Tips To Spicing Up Your Hairdo

Hair is said to be a woman’s crowning glory and it is thus very important to take care of it and to ensure that it is healthy and has a great appearance. In addition to this, we can take it to the next level and spice up our looks to create a different, awesome style, be it whether while going to work or to school. Below are a couple of tips that can help you to do so.

1. Braid It
Braids are quite versatile and are a fun way to create different hairstyles. They create an edgy, stylish look and are pretty beneficial since they help to secure your hair in place. There are different ways in which you can braid your hair, for instance, French braids, twists, or even having box braids put on. Either way, you will be pretty satisfied with the result at the end of the day. A couple of tips to remember when braiding your hair is to ensure that you do not tug on the edges, as this can cause some damage. Moreover, ensure that the braids are not too tight for maximum comfort.

2. Use The Right Products
There are myriads of hair products in the market, all of them designed to create different hair look for you. Gels, creams, pomades, sprays all from different companies created to suit all sorts of hair types. To spice up your hairdo, it is important that you select the right products for whatever type of hair you have. Hair requires tender loving care for growth and a healthy, smooth shine. Without the right hair care, your hair will end up frizzy and quite dry and may even begin to shed. For a beautiful mane, ensure, therefore, that you invest in the right type of products. You will not regret it.

3. Accessorize
Accessories always make an outfit for so much better, which is why a lot of people invest in earrings, necklaces, rings, and so many more. In the same way, one great way to spice up your hairdo is by the use of hair accessories. Some of the little items that you can invest in include bobby pins, bandanas, clippers, bows and hair combs. All of these are often embellished with pearls and beautiful gems which to create a beautiful and feminine appearance to your hairdo.

4. Get Creative
Experiment and try different looks. If you are used to holding your hair up in a ponytail, let it down. Try buns, half buns, or even curling up your hair if you normally have it straight. There are plenty of methods to curl hair and you can get different sizes of curl rings. If you do not wish to use heat, maybe due to concerns about heat damage, worry not, since you can try the heatless methods as well, such as through the use of Bantu knots. If you are feeling adventurous, you can dye your hair as well and change your hair colour. This is always an interesting way to spice up and change your look.

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Blogging Break for Luxury Haven Lifestyle Blog

For those who are following me in Facebook, you would’ve probably seen my updates on the recent incident where Luxury Haven’s site was compromised.

Long story cut short, I had engaged a professional from UK last week to revamp my blog design. As a common practice in the market, I had also given my blog access to her and made her Admin to work on my blog template.

Little did I expect that she would remove me as Admin, & took over my blog completely instead and blackmailed me. Reports have been made to the relevant authorities. Thank goodness I was able to get my 10-year-old baby back after working round the clock for 2 days, and now Luxury Haven is up and running again! Did you notice that I have changed my blog header image to a simpler design?

It is truly a dreadful experience that I wish no other bloggers will have to go through. Besides reporting the case, hunting for solutions and trying to getting help, I also had to inform my advertisers and sponsors for my pending products review. It was a total nightmare!

I consider myself a rather careful person, using 2FAs ( two-factor authentication ) for security and even changing from Http:// to Https:// for a more secure site. Despite these measures, my blog was hacked last year.

For now, I will be taking a hiatus from blogging but will still stay active in Facebook and Instagram before deciding what to do next. Fortunately, I am blessed with many generous and understanding sponsors, as well as extremely supportive followers who have with me since the start of my blogger career 10 years ago.

I thank each and every one of you for being such a kind soul. During this period, you may like to catch up on the posts you may have missed:

singapore lifestyle blog luxury haven blog posts

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Best fashion tips for women

fashion kalogirou

Having the ability to dress trendy and also trendy every day is a skill which can be challenging to master. Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the leading 15 style ideas that every lady need to recognize. While they might seem simple as well as little, these handy tips will reinvent the way that you clothe on a daily basis.

Whether you’re headed to work, out for drinks, and even to Sunday brunch, these guidance treasures make certain to see you looking trendy and also amazing every time you step out of your house.

Arrange Your Closet

Arranging and editing and enhancing your wardrobe is crucial when it comes to clothing stylishly. After all, how can you produce a terrific clothing if you can’t even see what you own? Start by decluttering your closet as well as contributing or offering anything that you do not wear or enjoy. After that, organize the remaining items nicely into classifications. Hang what must be hung and also fold up the remainder. Also, invest in a shoe shelf to make sure that you can quickly visualise full attires. After doing so, your closet will really feel much more motivating, and you’ll nix those “absolutely nothing to wear” moments.

Add the Flavor of Lavender

This lovely color is the charm of springtime 18 and also can be a wonderful one to have in your closet. It’s neither shabby nor usual like pink. And also it isn’t showy also, as it’s purple in color, making it a best blend of subtleness and class.

Floral Prints

The 60’s floral is back with a hint of a modern-day technique. Spring is worthy of flower yet with the 60’s touch of big buds as well as remarkable shades. Suit the flower prints with your solids or checks and also produce a pattern to adhere to.

Balance Your Top and Bottom

While those footway models could make carrying out a limited or entirely loose clothing show up simple, it’s not. For the majority of us, a successful look comes from striking the best balance. It’s important to intend attires where the leading as well as bottom enhance each other. If you’re putting on a loose shirt, try combining it with tight pants, and if you’re wearing wide-leg pants or a full skirt, take into consideration partnering it with an equipped or cropped top.

Not So Regular Plastic

A design adopted by Chanel in its spring collection 18 could not be your regular method of showcasing design. Get hold of some plastic styles bags or footwear to begin with the fashion this period.

These are simply several of the very best fashion pointers this year. Like what we have actually stated above, make sure to check all the readily available resources for you to know what to go with. Additionally, ensure that the clothes and devices that you will be putting on will certainly match your personality.

Being able to clothe elegant and also posh every day is a skill which can be hard to master. Thankfully for you, we’ve rounded up the top 15 design pointers that every female need to know. While they may appear little and simple, these helpful pointers will revolutionize the method that you dress on a daily basis.

When it comes to clothing smartly, organizing as well as editing and enhancing your closet is vital. These are just some of the finest style pointers this year.

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How to Unclog a Toilet When You Don’t Have a Plunger


It absolutely is the things of problems: faced with an away-toilet situation in a person else’s house, you do your service, flush … and absolutely nothing happens. Or worse, you purge as well as the commode water (as well as its contents) gradually starts climbing like super-gross flooding waters.

Run the hot water in the sink

To get points relocating once again, YouTuber Aaron Bjorn in accordance with Apofraxeis Xalandri says that you’re going to require some hot water to pour right into the toilet dish. The sink will probably need a while to heat up and offer you water that’s hot enough to be helpful.

Reach for the liquid hand soap or hair shampoo

While the water is warming up, look around for some fluid soap. Dish soap is excellent, however you’re stuck in the washroom so you could not be able to find any of that under the sink. When you discover some, pour a great deal of it right into the toilet dish.

If the host is the sort of individual who just has actually separately made oatmeal bar soaps or something, Tess Wilson at House Therapy recommends you search for some epsom salts, or perhaps a bathroom bomb. Or, if they’re the type that keeps cleansing items under the sink or in a washroom storage room, try as well as locate some bleach and also powdered dish detergent. Wilson claims to use a couple mugs of bleach as well as one mug of powdered detergent. Truly, anything that can lube or effervesce ought to do.

Dispose warm water right into the bathroom and wait

Since you have your lubricant in position, locate a mug or container– use their tooth brush holder if you need to– and also start putting warm water from the sink into the bathroom bowl. Once more, the hotter the far better below. Yet don’t flush yet!

When you’ve included a gallon or two (or as high as you can without risking overflowing), YouTube channel Tidy My Room claims it’s time to play the waiting game. Hang tight and allow the soap as well as hot water work its magic.

Or worse, you purge as well as the toilet water (as well as its contents) gradually begins rising like super-gross flood waters. To get points moving once more, YouTuber Aaron Bjorn says that you’re going to require some warm water to pour right into the bathroom dish. The sink will possibly require a while to warm up and offer you water that’s warm enough to be useful. While the water is heating up, look around for some fluid soap. Currently that you have your lubricating substance in area, find a cup or container– use their toothbrush holder if you have to– as well as begin pouring warm water from the sink into the commode dish.

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Finest Ways to Deal With Sewer Cleaning


A sewage backup is one of the most problematic as well as nasty events that can take place in a house. It can cause comprehensive home damage and extreme health issue and also, on top of that, it is very hard and unpleasant to take care of. Cleaning up drain backup needs a great deal of effort and time, in addition to specialized disinfecting products and also filtration strategies.

Raw sewage clean-up, specifically, is specifically laborious as well as risky as it not only creates a great deal of problem and inconveniences, yet also offers a variety of health hazards (sewage spills have impurities that can create severe diseases) and also sanitation problems.

Professional help is your finest option in such circumstances, however you can do a couple of things to restrict the level of the damage before the professionals get here (or perhaps handle the problem on your own if the damages is not too extreme).

What to Do After Sewage Backup

There are specific essential preventive procedures to take after a sewage back-up in order to protect against the damage from dispersing:

  • Keep kids as well as family pets away from the affected area;
  • Place on suitable safety tools– rubber handwear covers, rubber boots, impervious coveralls, safety glasses, as well as a facemask;
  • Switch off the electric power to your home (just if the circulation panel is safely above water). Put on rubber gloves and utilize a completely dry wooden adhere to shut off the major button;
  • Turn off any type of running water as well as do not make use of the supply of water system in your house (it might also be a great concept to turn off the supply of water to the building);.
  • Open up doors as well as home windows to permit fresh air within (do not make use of the air conditioning system to ventilate your home as sewage-contaminated dust and also water droplets can enter the COOLING AND HEATING system and pollute it);.
  • Take any dry, un-contaminated products far from the affected location;.
  • Include small amounts of chlorine bleach to standing water to ensure some disinfection;.
  • Alert your insurer that there has been a sewage spill in your house;.
  • Contact your municipal authority or sewer department (if your home is attached to a public sewer) or your regional health and wellness department (if your home is attached to a personal septic system) and also request guidance;.
  • Call a professional water damage restoration firm. The fast and efficient treatment of the skilled specialists will certainly conserve you a lot of effort and time as well as will provide one of the most appropriate, safest, as well as economical service to the issue. Besides, many sewage clean-up companies provide not only water removal, however additionally high quality repair works, smell elimination, as well as material cleanup, so you will certainly have all the elements of the repair process looked after when making use of professional sewer cleaning solutions.

Great to bear in mind

Take images of the sewage spill and the water-damaged things and also architectural products before removing them or having anything cleaned up (the photographs will work as proof for your insurance policy case). Keep all the receipts for products and also substitutes, along with for the repair service and also cleaning works carried out in your house.

Do not utilize harsh chemicals to unclog the draining pipes system as they can trigger serious damage to the pipelines and also drain lines. Select treatment approaches that use enzymes as opposed to chemicals or call a plumber to deal with the source of the problem.

Take ideal procedures to avoid cross-contamination (maintain the doors between the infected area and also the other spaces in your home closed, do not make use of the central air system up until the problem has been resolved, keep atmospheric pressure in the polluted location less than in the rest of the building, and so on) to ensure that sewer contaminated soil won’t be tracked right into unaffected areas of your property and also air-borne sewage-contaminated dirt (or mold and mildew spores) won’t be blown to other rooms.

Galaxy Fold reboot: Everything you need to know about Samsung’s foldable phone

The Galaxy Fold finally goes on sale in the US after a rough start.

Angela Lang/CNET

Samsung gets a second chance with the Galaxy Fold, the foldable phone it put on hold three months ago after problems with the Fold’s plastic screen caused the company to re-evaluate its initial April 26 sale date. Now, the world’s highest-profile foldable phone will arrive in the US on Sept. 27, after it’s been on sale in Korea and the UK. Although CNET’s review unit never broke (here’s our original Galaxy Fold review), we’re eager to see how the Fold holds up longer-term.

We now know what the major design changes are, including hiding the edges of the plastic film that some reviewers peeled off. In fact, it was a protective layer that caused the screen to malfunction when removed. Keep reading for all the details, and a recap of what went wrong.

(Here’s everything that’s good and bad about the Galaxy Fold so far.)

When will the Galaxy Fold go on sale and for how much? 

The Fold is on sale in South Korea and the UK, and will sell in the US on Sept. 27 for $1,980, for the 4G. That price hasn’t changed.

The 5G version, such as the one you can buy in Samsung’s other two Galaxy Fold markets, will cost more. For example, at Samsung’s Experience Store in the UK, the foldable device costs £1,900.

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Every way Samsung improved the Galaxy Fold


What changed?

  • You can’t peel off the top protective layer; the edges of that film are no longer visible. Instead, they stretch beneath the plastic bezel.
  • There are plastic, “T”-shaped caps on the top and bottom of the Fold screen that help keep dust and debris from getting behind the display.
  • The gap between the hinge and Galaxy Fold’s body is reduced.
  • There’s an extra metal layer beneath the screen to strengthen it and supposedly reduce the visibility of where the screen creases at the fold.

Is the Galaxy Fold dust- and water-resistant?

It’s not. Samsung advises that you keep the Galaxy Fold well away from water and dust, which means you’d best leave it at home the next time you head to the beach.

How will people know how to care for the Fold?

Samsung provides care instructions in a YouTube video, in the phone’s quick start guide, on the screen cling that surrounds the phone in the box, and on Samsung’s website.

What kind of goodies do you get for buying a $2,000 phone?

The Galaxy Fold comes with a pair of Galaxy Buds wireless headphones ($130 value) and a special case. You also get Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Premiere Service, which gives you 24/7 access to a dedicated customer service representative — you can even get help sent straight to you in person.

Can I preorder the phone?

No. Samsung initially put the Fold on preorder, before canceling sales in the face of what will end up being a five-month delay. The Galaxy Fold will simply go on sale.

CommentaryRushing foldable phones doesn’t work. Just ask Samsung and Huawei


Samsung says its Galaxy Fold is still coming.

Angela Lang/CNET

What did the delay do to Samsung’s reputation?

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold delay has put Samsung in an awkward position. As the world’s largest phone maker and the the first major brand to announce a foldable phone, Samsung’s reputation as an innovator is riding on the Fold, especially after its spectacular unveiling on Feb. 20. 

Samsung’s troubles underscore just how risky and fragile the concept of a foldable phone really is. Foldable phones represent a new type of device that’s meant to maximize screen size without expanding the overall size of the device. The tech giant wanted to lead the way, burnishing its reputation as an innovator in the phone’s transition to the next big thing.

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Our Galaxy Fold didn’t break. Here’s what’s good and…


Until Samsung and other brands can allay buyers’ fears with screens that can withstand the pressures of daily use, the future of foldable phones hangs precariously in the balance. Intense criticism may hurt future sales and shake consumer confidence in the concept of foldable phones in general.

The Galaxy Fold’s chance to lead the emerging category could come under fire if buyers turn their backs on the innovative design — this could still happen — or opt for a rival model such as Huawei’s Mate XTCL’s upcoming designs or a rumored foldable phone like the Motorola Razr. On the flip side, those other companies have the chance to learn from the Galaxy Fold’s mistakes.

Why caused Galaxy Fold screen damage in the first place?

Several early reviewers experienced damage to the screens on their Galaxy Fold loan devices, which made the foldable phones unusable. Photos of the damaged Folds ranged from a fully blacked-out screen to a bubbled device, and one with a portion of the screen white and the other half blacked out.

The Fold has a horizontal clamshell design, where hard glass halves close like a book to protect a tender 7.3-inch plastic display inside. Samsung even includes a case in the Galaxy Fold box as extra armor for the glass exterior, in case you drop the phone.

There may be a specific reason that some of the phones came to harm. Two reviewers experienced a total screen failure when they removed a thin plastic film that runs along the Galaxy Fold’s screen. There’s a narrow gap between this film and the bezel-edge of the display, which has led to confusion about the nature of the film.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold problems explained


It isn’t immediately obvious if the plastic layer belongs to the phone or if it’s the film you commonly see on devices to keep screens smudge- and lint-free during shipping and storage.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman found out the hard way that the latter wasn’t the case. He tweeted this about his review unit last week: “The screen on my Galaxy Fold review unit is completely broken and unusable just two days in. Hard to know if this is widespread or not.”

YouTube reviewer Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee had a similar experience after peeling the layer off his Galaxy Fold review unit.

“PSA: There’s a layer that appears to be a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold’s display,” he tweeted. “It’s NOT a screen protector. Do NOT remove it.”

But the protective film isn’t the only source of Samsung’s early troubles. CNBC’s Todd Haselton experienced screen flickering on the left side of his review device. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn also had issues, with Bohn’s screen forming a bulge beneath the surface. YouTube reviewer Michael “Mr. Mobile” Fisher also found a bump beneath his Galaxy Fold screen.

ReadThe Galaxy Fold can’t have this one useful thing

These reports of a faulty Galaxy Fold are a nightmare situation for Samsung, the first major brand to sell a foldable phone. The Fold — which has a 4.6-inch screen on the outside, a bendable 7.3-inch screen on the inside and a nearly $2,000 price tag — is a major risk for the tech giant.

Were the Galaxy Fold issues harmful?

While the reported problems make the affected Galaxy Fold unusable, they’re not dangerous, unlike the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, which was found to overheat and sometimes catch fire.

Read: Sucking up to buyers might be Samsung’s best way out of this Galaxy Fold mess

What does this Fold incident mean for Google Android support?

Nothing. Google’s support for the category of foldable phones is unwavering, and the new Android 10 operating system supports foldable phones.

To Google, foldable phones “open up a complete new category which, though early, might just change the future of mobile computing,” said Google’s Senior Android Director, Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson.

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People try the Galaxy Fold for the first time


The secret sauce hinges on App Continuity, the software that helps phones like the Galaxy Fold quickly move an active app from one screen and orientation to another, say from a small screen on the outside to a larger screen on the inside and back again, without missing a beat. Since developers don’t typically make their apps for foldable screens, standardized developer tools and best practices will help make these apps work better on foldable screens.

Google’s ongoing role here suggests that the Fold delay was a pothole, rather than a roadblock, on the path to foldable phone designs.

What was the problem with the film layer on the original Fold design?

What looked like a paper-thin sheet of plastic covering the foldable phone’s 7.3-inch display was in fact a protective layer that’s crucial to helping keep the phone damage-free. You can see the edges of that layer here, on my original review unit:


Look closely and you can see a thin line hugging the screen just beyond the bezel. This is the protective layer that Samsung wants to remain firmly in place.

Angela Lang/CNET

Why does the Galaxy Fold’s screen need a protective layer?

The Galaxy Fold has a completely different screen setup than any other phone. There’s a 4.6-inch display on the outside that’s covered with Gorilla Glass — that’s the same as other Galaxy phones like the S10 and S10 Plus ($900 at Amazon). But inside, the screen is made of a plastic (polymer) material that Samsung calls its Infinity Flex Display.

Samsung created this with a new process and specific adhesives to withstand the screen’s bending and flexing without breaking. The screen protector layer is meant to remain in place to prevent damage to the display below — that’s the thing that actually makes your “screen” light up. Without the hardness of glass to cover the delicate display, the Fold is more vulnerable, something that’s become vividly apparent.


What it’s like to watch Netflix on the Galaxy Fold.

Angela Lang/CNET

Did Samsung say you’re not supposed to remove the film?

It isn’t clear if Samsung thoroughly briefed every reviewer who received a phone about the screen protector layer. There was no instruction in my box — no literature at all, in fact — but also no other indication, like a pull tab, that you should remove it.

I almost did anyway. As a reviewer, I like to experience the phone as “clean” as possible. That means everything I can peel off is going to come off. I emailed Samsung for more information about this layer. A spokesperson responded, “Galaxy Fold is manufactured with a special protective layer. It is not a screen protector — do not attempt to remove it.”

The company further elaborated its position:

“A few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.”

Samsung added this statement as well: 

“The protective layer is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. The main display of the Galaxy Fold is made with a new, advanced polymer layer and adhesive that’s flexible and tough enough to endure repeated folding actions. Because the main display is made with polymer, the extra protective layer is in place to guard against impact. It’s built into the display which is why it should not be removed by force. Consumers who notice that the protective layer is not integrated on the display should contact Samsung customer care at 1-800-SAMSUNG as soon as possible to avoid any additional damage to the display.”

Desmond Smith, director of creative content and a tech evangelist at T-Mobile, tweeted that the carrier’s final production models will come with a warning on the wrap that goes over the Galaxy Fold’s screen:

But peeling off the Fold’s screen layer isn’t the only issue 

While removing the plastic film caused a problem for some, it isn’t entirely clear what the protective film does or how its removal relates to the screen’s behavior. Remember that two of the reviewers kept the protector on. Bohn and Fisher suspect that a piece of dust or debris may have become lodged under the screen to create the bulge he felt, and a slight distortion on the Fold’s surface.

Haselton, meanwhile, observed a persistent screen flicker over the left half of the screen. We know that two batteries, one on each side, work in concert to form a single power source. I’m not an electrical or chemical engineer, but I wonder if that could indicate a battery issue. Hopefully we’ll all find out one way or another.

At any rate, the Galaxy Fold’s risky design has created some inconsistencies that could damage its early production phones and its reputation.

Why are bendable screens made of plastic in the first place?

Right now, glass doesn’t bend so well. That’s something that Corning — the maker of Gorilla Glass, which covers most high-end phones — is working on. Don’t expect bendable glass to save second-gen foldable phones, though. It won’t be ready for some time.

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The bendable glass that’s shaping up to cover foldable…


Originally published earlier this year. Updated with details on the fixed Galaxy Fold.

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